The Social cooperative A.ME.LIN.C.- O.N.L.U.S. was founded in July 2006 and has been operating since the month of October 2006.
The constitution of the cooperative and the activities it carried out are the fruit of the consolidation of the experience gained by the Associazione dei Mediatori Linguistico Culturali di Milano e Provincia - A.ME.LIN.C.


Linguistic and Cultural Mediation
In Schools
- Projects in nursery, primary and secondary schools
- Reception, placement and support of foreign minors and their families in schools; collaboration with their teachers and educators in the assessment aimed at the placement of the newcomers. Meetings with the parents of the newcomer children.
- Promotion and maintenance of their native languages.

In Hospitals
- Translation of the privacy policy, informed consent, medical records, accompaniment to the specialist examination, medical history, prognosis.

With Social Services, Child protection services, for psychosocial investigations
- Collaboration with Social Services, Child protection services, Juvenile courts where required.
- Accompaniment of the foreign users (minors and/or their families) to interviews with Social Services, accompaniment to the local specialist services, taking charge of them together with social workers and/or educators and psychologists, intermediation between Social Services and foreign users/families, intercultural consulting for social workers.

With reception centres for asylum seekers
Procedural help in Information desks, Police headquarters, Prefecture

Implementation of supervision paths of the cases for linguistic and cultural mediators together with experts of immigration issues.

Assistance for visits to the local services: City councils, Civil Registries, Social Services, Health Services, Education Services etc.

Assistance with negotiations and mediations: Chinese, Arabic

Mediators specialised in occupational and food safety: Chinese, Arabic

Museum mediators: guide to museums- English, Tagalog

Translation of the multilingual version of websites and flyers to be distributed to foreign communities, collaboration with sworn translators where required- Courts of Milan, Monza.

Educational consultancy
Educational consultancy interviews for families of pupils in schools also with the function of welcoming the new students and receiving questions from families and teachers.
Educational consultancy for primary and secondary schools.
Educational consultancy in the passage to a higher grade of school with a balance of individual and class skills. Educational consultancy for high school students with the possibility of redirecting them to other types of schools, focusing on the exit from schooling and double social identity issues.
Career guidance for the University or the job market.

Psychological support
Service of psychological support (counseling) to Italian and foreign kids, students, teachers entrepreneurs and employees who are experiencing a moment of crisis/ emotional distress. The service is designed for those who have to face job loss, the arrival of their families through family reunification and the impossibility of providing for all their needs, a disabling work injury etc.

In schools
Implementation of projects on rights and duties of citizenship through the collaboration of the legal consultant and the students. Use of the peer education methodology to help the students support their peers with the acquisition of the Italian citizenship.

For the linguistic and cultural mediators with regard to the Social and Health and Immigration policies.
For the social workers.
In the social and health fields with regard to migration and in particular to family reunification for the volunteers of the local associations and the participants to the National Civil Service.
Intercultural training for social workers, psychologists, educators and employees of the city councils.

The Social Cooperative A.ME.LIN.C. - ONLUS participates in research, mapping and monitoring activities in collaboration with - Università di Milano Bicocca – Department of Sociology and Social research- Osservatorio e Metodi per la Salute (OsMeSa).

Information desks
In the course of the years the Social Cooperative A.ME.LIN.C. has directed many Information and Counselling desks in collaboration with some City councils of the Milanese district. A second level desk with the Province of Milan and from 2008 the Information desk of CNA Milano - CNA WORLD.

In March 2008 starts the collaboration between Cna Milano and the Social Cooperative A.ME.LIN.C. – O.N.L.U.S., aimed at consolidating the integration path of the foreign citizens and their families thanks to an assistance and legal consulting desk specialised in migration law. For this reason, the Sportello CNA World, present in all the main seats of the national Chamber of Crafts (CAN) has been created, in order to foster the solution of problems and issues linked to the condition of foreign entrepreneur or worker.

In March 2012 starts the collaboration with CNA Consulenza for the creation of a new desk addressed to the Chinese community, in particular Chinese entrepreneurs willing to start a business in Italy or having already started one. ChiNA Point was therefore created: a desk directed by a Chinese native speaker supervisor, expert in linguistic and cultural mediation, and which makes use of the skills of CNA. The aim is supporting Chinese entrepreneurship in the management of economic and fiscal practices, providing protection, information and training and guaranteeing services and consulting concerning the law requirements and the social security, assistance and social aspects.

The Social Cooperative AMELINC ONLUS has been working for years in the management of services aimed at the foreign and Italian population, and has been collaborating with important public and private entities, among which: Prefecture of Milan, Province of Milan, City council of Milan, City council of Sesto San Giovanni, City council of Cologno Monzese, City council of Parabiago, City council of Canegrate, City council of Limbiate, City council of Nerviano, City council of Pero, City council of Rho, Azienda Consortile Comuni Insieme – Bollate, Azienda Ospedaliera Istituto Ortopedico “Gaetano Pini”, Istituto Auxologico Italiano, CNA MILANO – Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e delle Piccola e Media Impresa, participates to the GrIS Lombardia (Gruppo Immigrazione Salute)- Participates to the Forum Città Mondo of the City council of Milan and to the second level association Associazione Città Mondo di Milano.

The Social Cooperative A.ME.LIN.C. enjoys the collaboration, in its projects, of around 20 linguistic and cultural mediators, a developmental psychologist specialised in educational consultancy, a psychologist specialised in transcultural psychology, a light architect, a cultural anthropologist, a legal consultant specialised in migration law and training, a sociologist specialised in project planning and management.

Contacts: info@amelinc.org
A.ME.LIN.C. - via Sebino, 8 - 20137 Milano (MI) - Cell:3397646103 - info@amelinc.org
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